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Miller Automotive specializes in the repair and service of Import Cars and Light Trucks. After 25 years of Imports only, we now welcome Domestic and  Fleet Accounts  

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Rebuilt  Drive Axles
Installed Price. . . .Most Cars. . . .$ 150.00         
Parts labor and tax. . . .Call for an appointment and price quote
Rebuilt Drive Axles and Axle boots in stock   
AxleShop   Driveaxle Image      
Complete Vehicle Maintenance
Scheduled Service; 30-60-90,000 mile inspection and service. Brake Service, Automotive Electrical, Suspension and steering, Exhaust, Timing Belt Replacement, Clutch Service
Oil Change
Most Import Cars

Up to five quarts engine oil, Good quality oil filter,
Safety Inspection Includes:
Top up fluids
, Lube Service, Free Tire Rotation     
Inspect and report condition of:
Brakes, Exhaust, Suspension, Steering, Tires, Lights, Belts,

Antifreeze, Hoses,
Written Inspection Report

Protect your investment:     Inspect before you buy.
Under car inspection:
Brakes,Steering, Exhaust, Suspension, Tires, Body Rust.
Under hood inspection:
Belts, Hoses, Fluids, General Engine Condition                  
Test Drive:   
Highway Test Drive.  
Written Report:
of General Condition & Any needed repairs.
Discount on future repairs
Headlight Alignment
Headlight alignment should be checked about once a year or any time you can't see what is on the side of the road at 100 yards. A four inch error at 25 feet becomes a four foot error at 300 feet in front of the car; and 300 feet is considered the critical point of illumination.
Tune Up or Driveability Diagnosis:
To me
tune-up is an old fashion word. Years ago we did "tune" by adjusting the points, setting the timing and adjusting the carburetor after replacing points, plugs, filters etc. Today we change plugs and filters during the 30,000 and/or 60,000 mile maintenance service. We do Driveability Diagnostics if the engine does not run properly.

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